Two women 8,302 miles apart from each other, one British and one South African. My Kokwane and my Grandmother. Some of my earliest memories are in my British grandmother’s picturesque garden in Kent, but the smell of fried chicken on a hot day reminds me of Johannesburg.

When I see the colour cream it reminds me of staying in the spare room but burnt orange and dust takes me to the townships. These women have never spoken about the trauma in their lives, a series of abusive relationships, the death of their sons, displacement. In this work I chip away at this acropolis, to try for the first time, to really know who they are. By searching their home’s I attempt to find the truths which have been entombed. This work has been exhibited at the 2018 edition of Duesseldorf Photo Weekend as a part of a group show entitled ‘Neighbourhood’.

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